Spending Time in the Sun

when we have the benefits of beautiful nature at our doors, we should make it one of our priorities to welcome it into our everyday life.

The feeling of sunny warmth on my skin is refreshing, the joyful reminder that at last we are entering the summer season. For me, the past few months of darkness and rain seemed to drag on endlessly as a monotonous season of gloom; and I didn’t realize how much the weather has an impact on my mood and wellbeing until, finally, the season has changed. Summer weather is healthy – the sun and fresh air, the motivation to go out and be active more, and the overall feeling of light and warmth can contribute to a happy mindset.

Although I have always been a winter worshipper, I’ve begun to realize the benefits of making the most of nice weather when I can. As someone who has struggled with mental health in the past, I’ve become acutely aware of the boost being outside in the fresh air can give me. This is because of the physiological benefits that the sun provides us with, which consequently have a positive psychological effect. Sunlight helps to regulate all of our bodily processes, such as sleep, activity and absorption of vitamins. A healthy consistency to these is vital to all of us when staying positive, which is why now, whenever the sun is shining, I make sure I’m out and about in all of it’s bright glory.

I believe that for many of us, we’re finding it increasingly difficult to ensure we get our free time outside: deadlines, essays, and other dull demands of modern life may keep us locked indoors. It’s especially unfortunate that for young people this is particularly prevalent as exam season looms. Of course, it is important to keep up with these necessary demands, whatever the weather. But I believe that when we have the benefits of beautiful nature at our doors, we should make it one of our priorities to welcome it into our everyday life. After all, breaks in the fresh air are needed to maintain peak performance when working.

For me, this means making small adjustments such as waking up earlier to enjoy a peaceful start to the day. I’ll eat my breakfast outside; read books and notes whilst enjoying the sun. I’ll make my free time outdoors based, such as enjoying lovely day trips by the sea. My personal belief is that people are biologically designed to be outside, not stuck in concrete buildings. So many health problems nowadays are associated with overindulgence in modern commodities – though of course it is undoubtedly amazing how society has progressed in a number of ways, it is important to remember what is necessary for us, as human beings, to stay healthy and happy in a natural way.

Although this is a small post about my personal preferences on how to spend time in the summer, I hope that I have inspired some people to try to be outdoors more so that they too feel the physical and mental benefits of a bit of sunshine. Having previously experienced the downtrodden feelings of staying indoors all day, I now know that sunshine is better than ‘screen-shine’. It’s a wonderful world around us – let’s appreciate it when we can!

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4 thoughts on “Spending Time in the Sun

  1. Personally, although I love winter too, I can really feel the effects of summertime. It tends to put me in such a good mood, especially on the days I wake up and feel the most down within. Just catching a glimpse of the sun and feeling its warmth brushing my skin, or observing the beautiful sunny weather can sometimes make my day.

    Beautiful reminder. x

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