Doubting Yourself – How To Get Back To Where You Want To Be

the most significant thing to remember – your biggest supporter should be yourself.

It is fair to say that the past week for me has been one of my worst in a while. It’s easy for numerous little things to gather together in an overwhelming wave of sadness, and all of a sudden it feels as though you’ve been knocked down to an undesirably low point. For me, it is the climb back up that can be the hardest: when I feel so low, I’m left doubting a lot of things about myself that never usually cross my mind. It feels as though these doubts are rocks tied to my feet, preventing me from moving on from where I am. Though being in a mindset like this can be difficult to pull yourself out of sometimes, it certainly is possible, and I believe the first stage to doing so is remembering that is possible to do.

A good starting point is asking yourself: ‘where was I before here? Has anything significantly changed to prevent me from getting back there?’ – if there is nothing but your doubts in the way of reaching your desired place again, then you understand that the obstacle you’ve got to tackle is you. For me, this means reminding myself of my achievements, the good people in my life and the qualities I have that mean I can help myself to move up. That is the most significant thing to remember – your biggest supporter should be yourself.

A challenge can be recognizing when it is somebody in your life who is responsible for knocking you down. Although you may consider them a friend, etc. it is important, if you do realise there are ill-intentions on their part, to ask yourself: ‘does this person want the best for me?’ One of the biggest things I’ve learnt in life is to know when to distance myself from a toxic person – it can be hard, but often it is necessary to keep yourself happy and progressing. You should not feel bad for putting yourself first – if you’re confident and content away from the negative people, then you’ll soon attract positive and supportive people your way.

Practically, to shake away your doubts and negativity, it’s a good idea to engage in proactive activities that will aid in working towards your desired destination. If you’re artistic, indulge in some creativity for example! Most importantly, do things that make you feel good, and proud of your talents. The desire to progress and reach our full potential is an integral part of human nature: so get working, get achieving, and soon enough you’ll find you’re feeling secure in yourself once again.

I’m a lover of people and their successes, so if you have any ideas about how to proactively shake away doubts and negativity, please comment down below!

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