The Next Step

I have reached a point of self growth that means I desire something new, exciting, and challenging,

This is my first post in many weeks, and to be truthful, the length of time I’ve had away from blogging has shown me just how hard it can be to get back into it. But I am here to explore the reason as to why I have been absent from writing for these past few weeks, and I am sure that it is a topic highly relevant to many young people at this time of year.

It’s quite ironic to me that summer, the season of sun and fun, is the stage of the academic year that sees the most hectic and stressful activities go on. It feels quite odd to say that the past month has been one almost entirely consisting of work and revision, and though part of me wants to despair at this fact, the larger part of me knows that I am glad to have dedicated so much time to hard work, because it is necessary to get me successfully to my next step. And though I am someone to frequently advocate prioritising activities we find care-free fun in, I am also one to advocate hard work because, to me, hard work reflects a drive to be our best selves. A balance of both is best!

This ‘next step’ I am working towards is university: perhaps this is something best described as a leap considering it’s significance in many people’s lives, but it is a leap that is to be more exciting than terrifying, more rewarding than daunting. I can’t lie and say that it is a prospect that I feel casually at ease with – the idea of being a young ‘adult’ for a start is quite hard to acknowledge considering the fact it feels like only yesterday that I was 12 years old and watching Hannah Montana. However, I feel ready for this next stage of my life in the sense that I know I have reached a point of self growth that means I desire something new, exciting, and challenging, and I hope that this is a feeling many of us have or are experiencing, whether it be ignited by university or another prospect such as a job or travelling. I believe that this new experience will feel all the more exhilarating when we know ourselves that we deserve to take this next step because of our hard work and dedication to what we have needed to do to get there. And so, although blogging largely contributes to my life in a positive and fruitful way, this drive towards my ‘next step’ is why I have taken a small amount of time out to focus upon achieving the necessary ingredients for success.

Additionally, I feel that working towards the next step for all of us is essential in providing us with a personal ‘bigger picture’ which is a useful tool for preventing us from stagnation. I know that at low moments of doubt and melancholy, it is often the thought of new and exciting times to come that can lift me up to a more productive and happy place. Even if this next step may be daunting because of its new nature, change can often be what we need to bring happiness. Lastly, although this is quite an introspective post, I hope that it has helped you to locate a point in your life (that is either past, present or future) that reminds you that the ‘next step’, however significant, is always a step towards personal fulfilment. Please feel free to leave below your own experiences of positive change!

Thank you for reading,




2 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. Very wise! I’ve gone through many points of introspection and it always leads to bigger and better things. Good luck with everything! If you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything!

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