Making the Most of Summer

It is healthy to ‘get out’ and breathe a new air, see new sights, and take in new information, outside of our everyday life,

It might just be me, but when it comes to this most popular time of year, one of my favourite things to work out is exactly what it is I want to do in the six weeks of summer. It is the only point in the year when I don’t feel bogged down by work, responsibilities or schedules – it may seem rather pointless stating this since freedom from these things is the main purpose of summer, but I wish to emphasise the true reason why I love this time of year. I am someone who loves to learn, try new things and stay productive – so although summer is a time for well-needed relaxation, its also a time to indulge in my interests and ideas that tend to take a back seat the majority of the time. So, I like to seize summer as a time for productivity of a fun kind – and by discussing a few of my own ambitions, I hope to give someone else a nudge towards new activities.

This summer I’ve been enjoying learning about things off the school syllabus: reading books I’m not obliged to read, researching things purely out of a peculiar interest in them, and so on. In my opinion, keeping our mind moderately active in this way is a good thing to do in an extended time off schedule – whilst we are relaxing and recuperating, we’re utilizing our minds in refreshingly new and non-strenuous areas. So far, I’ve read a variety of poetry (to overcome my loathing of it due to school) and familiarized myself with medieval language because of it, as well as become well versed in Goth culture (which is where I re-emphasize a peculiar interest is enough of a reason to learn!)

Probably the most popular activity to undertake this season: exploring new places. Travel, big or small, is essential in reminding us that there is a world out there beyond our personal one, which can sometimes enclose us in a not-so-positive way. It is healthy to ‘get out’ and breathe a new air, see new sights, and take in new information, outside of our everyday life. I know that I’m excited to visit major European cities in the latter weeks of the summer and record all of my experiences via blog posts!

Summer is an important time to devote to loved ones without constant interruptions. My fondest memories are shared with those I hold close to me, and so I ensure I make the most of the time summer provides me with by having days out somewhere exciting, or by simply having a drink sat at the kitchen table. It’s the free and enjoyable time that matters the most!

If you have an artistic side, it would be ludicrous not to set yourself new and thrilling projects during the summer! I’ve begun writing my own creative pieces and I’m looking forward to journaling again whilst visiting new places on holiday – I believe everyone has an imagination that needs to be expressed every once in a while, and in whatever way possible. Also, I feel that this season is a source of inspiration to get your mind ticking.

In addition to all of these activities, one thing I love about summer is the opportunity it has given me to dedicate much-needed time to blogging. I am hoping to post more regularly now (twice a week) and would love to hear about your own blogging and summer goals in the comments below!

Thank you for reading,


8 thoughts on “Making the Most of Summer

  1. Totally agree with you on all these tips!! I literally do the same: read so much more than I normally get to throughout the school year, feed into my creative side by writing & journaling more, and hang out with friends & family, creating wonderful memories!!

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  2. Ah, the six week holidays, a distant memory now haha! They were by far the best part of being a young person. I’m much more of an Autumn/Winter person personally as I prefer the fashion, the weather and the food too to be honest. Also Christmas is a great excuse to get a bit fatter, haha! Summer is still lovely though and the Sun does put me in a good mood, as long as it isn’t too hot! I wouldn’t say I had a specific Summer goal but a current blogging goal is to get at least one sponsored post every month!
    Alice Xx

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    1. I’m the exact same as you when it comes to my season preferences! I’m trying to make the most of this season (as I generally dislike the heat😂) but definitely can’t wait for the autumn! Good luck in reaching your blogging goal! Xxx


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