Maintaining Positivity: Resisting Negativity

It’s been 3 months since I last wrote a piece for my blog – that space of time has been so chaotic that I didn’t even notice the weeks slipping by, and now that I find myself with the opportunity to write once again it’s a slight struggle to put thoughts to text.

So far this academic year I’ve applied to universities, had my first serious experience of interviews and sat weeks of exams, all things that I was determined to do to the best of my ability. This meant that when I then experienced situations that demanded me to sacrifice my wellbeing, I was faced with the learning curve of knowing when to resist attempts made to interfere with my ambitions and drag me down into a negative state of mind. When it comes to a period in your life that demands focus on things that will launch you to great places, it is okay to resist negativity no matter who or what it is coming from.

Things change. A lot. Learning to adapt to changes, both good and bad, can be a struggle, but getting to grips with doing so is a skill fundamental to staying positive. As we grow up and we become more responsible for our own lives, it is important to bear in mind that this also means becoming responsible for our own happiness and recognising when something is not conducive to this. It is okay to move away from things previously held close in your life if they are no longer contributing to a positive wellbeing. Just like we outgrow clothes and habits, we can outgrow people and day-to-day experiences – forcing ourselves to still squeeze into restrictions enforced by such things is not allowing ourselves to develop as we need to.

Of course, sometimes it is very difficult to do such things from the position we are in. If such is the case, it is important to identify what can serve to improve ourselves at that current point, such as dedicating our energies to things we enjoy rather than dwelling on the less enjoyable situation we are in. Either way, put yourself first. Resist negativity and seek out tranquillity of mind.

Doing so will pay off, whether it be by immediate gratification through completing a task or by developing a consistently happy state of mind by applying positive thinking to whatever life throws at you. Doubts may arise when you make a challenging change to your life, but so long as you have faith that it is for the best then, eventually, you will come to be glad about making such a decision. Things eventually come to light, things murky are made clear, and you are left in a position of contentment.

This is what the past 3 months have taught me, in perhaps the most chaotic and demanding period of my life so far. I feel far from perfect, but proud of myself for making the decisions that I have for the sake of dedicating myself to the things that I realise matter most. I hope that you, too, are able to navigate your way through tough situations with a positive state of mind.

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